Rare and tiny Caribbean bivalve discovered in Brazil

This is not the discovery of a new species because the bivalve mollusc, in itself very rare, had already been reported in the Caribbean areas. However, now new research, published on Check List, indicates that it is also found in Brazil.

It is a bivalve of a few millimeters that for at least half a century had been identified only in Suriname, Guadeloupe, Colombia and French Guyana. It was substantially absent from all zoological records and collections. As part of a project called Pro-Abrolhos and conducted by the Oceanographic Institute from Universidad de Sao Paulo (IO-USP), the researchers discovered several specimens in a new Brazilian site.

This is an important discovery, according to the researchers, because it shows that these bivalve species can cross large ocean waters, something that is difficult for small mollusks like these that do not usually spread so widely when they are endemic to a particular area.

According to the researchers, the discovery of the bivalve mollusc in Brazil will improve our knowledge of the molluscs of the Brazilian coast and in particular of the shoals of the archipelago of Abrolhos, where there is the largest and richest coral reef in the whole southern Atlantic and in general it is considered one of the richest areas of biodiversity in the area.