Backpack that generates electricity from walking can also power a smartphone

A backpack that creates electricity from the movement of the body, specifically that of walking, was created by a group of researchers at Queen’s University. Unlike other devices that generate electricity from body movement, this should produce enough electricity to be really useful.

The device, made up of various parts that can be set in a sort of frame which can then be transported just like a backpack by means of two buckles, produces electricity from the sway that the body does when walking. At the top, there is a weight attached to a sort of pendulum that swings back and forth when the person walks.

The lower end of the pendulum is then connected to an electrical module designed to collect the energy of the movement transforming it into electricity. The bigger the weight of the upper part, the more energy the device collects and the more electricity is generated. This means that the backpack can be heavier or less heavy depending on the electricity you want to collect or even on the needs of the carrier.

With a weight of about 9 pounds, the device can generate enough electricity to power an emergency beacon or a GPS receiver. Adding more than 35 liters, the device is then able to generate a sufficient quantity to power a smartphone.

The device could be used for all those people who work in remote areas or who have to explore an area where there is no electricity supply. The same researchers note that there is no need to move any crank or to perform any special gesture to raise electricity: just walking (and of course bear the weight on the shoulders).

The study was published in the Royal Society Open Science.